June 25, 2015

Edwin Pelser Minimarket by UNOBVIOUS @ De Hallen

image via here

Every now and again a new hotspot pops up in every city.
In Amsterdam the latest place to be is 'De Hallen' a former tram depot in the West side of town.

One of the occupants of this garage complex is creative studio Unobvious, and together with Edwin Pelser (of the well known designstore in Den Haag) they set up a temporary mini-design-supermarket.

Image courtesy of UNOBVIOUS

The Minimarket is all about making design approachable: prices start at €1,80,-, with the most expensive piece costing €199,-.
The shops' interior is made of 100 auction boxes, that showcase the collection of young Dutch and Scandinavian Design in a surprisingly stylish way.

We're very happy the Minimarket is a point of sale for Waterworks.
Make sure to visit the hotspot before its gone: visit the Minimarket before the end of the year.

Image courtesy of UNOBVIOUS

Edwin Pelser Minimarket by UNOBVIOUS
Hannie Dankbaarpassage 8
De Hallen - Amsterdam
Wed - Sun | 12:00 - 18:00
(Pop-Up: Runs until the end of 2015)

Click here for more about De Hallen.

June 23, 2015

How to work your Waterworks | New bilingual manual

Since we were almost running out of Waterworks manuals, it was time for a bilingual redesign of the Waterworks how-to folder that comes with every set.

It has been quite some time in the making (with this going on) but here it is:

A 1-2-3 description of how to use the Waterworks System on the inside...

...And more information about the cones + the reasons to have more houseplants on the outside, all in both English and Dutch.

Get the Waterworks-set with the new manual now via www.shophouseofthol.nl.

June 5, 2015

Have you ever been to Stockholm?

image via
Ah, lovely Stockholm.
A Designlovers haven apparently, people keep telling me i should go there.
And we will, definitely, one day.... If only to visit the House of Thol resellers.

Because Yes! We have some great news from the North: Waterworks is now for sale in the following shops:

Rödabergsgatan 12
113 33 Stockholm - Sweden
+46 76 055 80 57

Christoffers Blommor
Kåkbrinken 10 - Gamla Stan
111 27 Stockholm

Christoffers Blommor
Södermannagatan 21 - SOFO

Dahl Agenturer
Östra Järnvägsgatan 23
111 20 Stockholm

Rosendals Trädgården
Rosendalsterrassen 12
115 21 Stockholm

For the full list of Waterworks points-of-sale click here.

June 1, 2015

A few snapshots of Designkwartier

We visited Designkwartier in Den Haag yesterday. Here are a few snapshots of the Plant Power pop-up shop (via Instagram).

Since the weather wasn't all that we ended up spending a lot of time taking shelter in a restaurant and didn't see nearly all the things we wanted to see.
On the up-side: the Pasta Kantine (where pretty much everyone ended up, judging by the full house) was a great place to have lunch. They're in Rotterdam too, check out their website.

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