December 30, 2015

Running into this: More Than Classic publication Summer 2015

We almost missed this one.
Or, i guess we did miss it... This publication in Dutch magazine More Than Classic came out last summer, and we only retrieved the hard copy a little while ago, even though the editor so kindly sent it to our studio.

Too bad we didn't get to give it the proper attention when the magazine was in stores.
We're still pretty happy to be mentioned though!

December 9, 2015

Geschenketipps by Das Rote Paket

photograph by Das Rote Paket

Das Rote Paket in Leipzig sent out this last-minute gift guide last weekend, with this first chapter 'fur Gartenfreunde' (for garden friends).

Thought i'd share the lovely styled photography they made especially for the newsletter. - Also: great tips!

November 17, 2015

Not really a publication but...

...we're happy to be part of this little list of 'young talent mentioned by the Dutch Designers from the Top25' in last months' Eigen Huis & Interieur.

Difficult to read?
Here's a close up:

November 10, 2015

The Duke's Forest - OAK Den Bosch

photograph courtesy of OAK Den Bosch
Den Bosch might just be one of the most overlooked beautiful historical city's in the Netherlands, full of little streets with plenty of shopping-gems.
One of those gems is OAK, at the Snellestraat. A little shop with the coolest paper origami in the window, handmade by the owners.

We're proud that this lovely concept store has now added Waterworks to their collection.
Definitely worth a visit next time you're in the Duke's town.

OAK Den Bosch
Snellestraat 45
5211 EM Den Bosch

October 20, 2015

A few DDW snapshots

4 Days down, 5 to go...
We're halfway trough the Dutch Design Week and we're having a blast at Designperron.

The stream of visitors is steady and we've made a lot of new contacts and had many lovely conversations.
Aside from enjoying the interesting talks we have with visitors walking by our stand, we're having a great time with the other exhibitors at the location.
Have you been to Eindhoven yet?
Come visit us at Designperron and have a look at the beautiful projects of Studio Hamerhaai, Roos Soetekouw, Bas Vellekoop, Kikke&Hebbe, Studio Ineke van der Werff and many others!

October 14, 2015

Baking corks and firing kilns against the clock / DDW prep

Only a little time left before the Dutch Design Week officially kicks off in Eindhoven. And although we thought we were on schedule, this final week before the show always seems to have about three days too few.

We'll probably make it.
In the end.

Right now we're fighting the clock newsletter writing, cork making, cone casting, waterworks packaging, cold battling, porcelain producing, exhibition building and (especially) kiln firing.

Come check out the results of all our hard work at the Design Perron in Eindhoven next week.
We'll be there every day and would love to see you.

Missed our newsletter?
Here's the Dutch one, and click here for the english version. (Feel free to subscribe while you're at it.)

All square images are from our Instagram account.

October 7, 2015

Waterworks according to Dipty Wonen

Photograph by Mies / Dipty Wonen
This lovely interior is the home of blogger Michelle of Dipty Wonen.
Spot the Waterworks? Michelle wrote a really nice piece about our design and shot many more pretty pictures.
Read the full (Dutch) blogpost here.

September 29, 2015

A hangout where gifts meet coffee - Mashed Concept Store

photographs via Mashed

"A cool and laid-back hangout where stylish accessories and gifts meet coffee and a little treat."
That's how concept store Mashed is described on the Mashed Facebook page.
Need we say more?

And the name? On this blog i found it comes from 'mashed potatoes': because of the stylishly mixed collection of things old, new and design and for all kinds of people with all kinds of interiors.

There's a store in Amsterdam and one in Haarlem, both on prime locations and equally packed with lovely products in all price-ranges.
A perfect place to go if you're looking for, for example (from the top of my head) a housewarming gift for that friend who never seems to be able to keep his houseplants alive...

Mashed concept store Amsterdam 
Jan Pieter Heijestraat 168
1054 ML Amsterdam

Mashed concept store Haarlem
Kleine Houtstraat 19
2011 DD Haarlem

September 24, 2015

Products with a (sustainable) story - Waterworks @ Lu-st Delft

photographs by Lu-st

Last weekend sustainable Lunchroom & Style store Lu-st opened its doors on the Voorstraat in Delft.
The shop focuses on products with a story that are sustainable and unique, often handmade, recycled and/or fairtrade.

Living in Delft?  I'd say, head over there, try out their lunch menu and order a Waterworks set on the go.

Voorstraat 8
2611 JP Delft / lu-st on Facebook

photographs by Lu-st

September 23, 2015

Press package DDW

The first sentences of our DDW press release, click here for the full text (pdf).
The Dutch Design Week is only a few weeks away, and this time we're stepping up our game with a pre-expo press package.

All the images below are part of the press pack we've prepared and which should soon be available via Dutch Design Press Desk.

Photography Waterworks: Masha Bakker Photography
Photography Bathtub: Johannes van Assem
Other photographs by House of Thol

Please get in touch if you'd like to receive high resolution images or more information about the studio and our projects.
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