October 28, 2014

DDW'14 - Thank you for visiting!

photograph by House of Thol

Thank you all for visiting us at Design Perron!
Those 9 days in Eindhoven went by in less than no time...

We met a lot of interesting people and had many a lovely conversation.
Oh, and we also did some business: not only did we sell all the Waterworks-sets we brought, we also spoke with a lot of retail merchants: keep an eye on this blog for new House of Thol points of sale.

See you next time!

photograph by Peter Flohr
photographs by Design Perron

October 23, 2014

Room service! 'The Joy Of Plants' on Waterworks

The Joy of Plants is a british website about, well.. the joy of plants.
They devoted an entire article to ways of keeping your plants happy and healthy while you're enjoying a well-deserved time away.

And in their list of tips 'n tricks we also find Waterworks. :-)
Check out the full article 'Holidays: What to do with your plants' here.

screenprint The Joy of Plants

October 17, 2014

DDW: the set-up

We're almost ready to start the show!

Thanks to De Klerk we have a lovely collection of greenery to show off our Waterworks-sets. Harm, who helped us decide which plants to use, very kindly wrote down all the names of the plants, but i left the note at the exhibition so right now i can only tell you we have a Metallica-plant and a fern that had something to do with monkeys.
De Klerk also lent us a really cool cactus which we've added as a decor piece, even though it doesn't leave room for a Waterworks set.

However... The backwall is eerily empty, don't you think?
Not to worry, we have something up our sleeves: remember this blogpost about why we should all have more houseplants? <6 Reasons to get houseplants now>

Well, we made a poster from the 6 reasons, check it out:

We'll hang the poster tomorrow, and more pictures from the Dutch Design Week will follow soon.

See you there!

October 16, 2014

Waterworks @ Wannekes

Waterworks is now available on Dutch Design Webshop Wannekes!
Wannekes is a lovely place to shop design- and interior items as well as fashion accessories and jewelry, and a great website to find design-related gifts.
Might be convenient if you're looking to combine a few different items to save on shipment costs...

Click here to visit Wannekes.

October 14, 2014

More pretty indoor plantlife

Houseplants are healthy, provide fresh air... blablabla - you can read all about it in our last post '6 reasons to get houseplants now'.

The 25 hours hotel Bikini in Berlin
photographs by Igor Josifovic - spotted on Happy Interior Blog

After writing this post however, i was left with a feeling of 'hm'.
You know what i mean? Just 'hm'.

Spotted on Paper 'n Stitch blog
original source unknown

I'm going to play it straight: of course it's lovely plants have all these great characteristics and are actually good for you, but the main reason why i want more plants in my house is because i think it looks sooo pretty.
Which is shallow, i know (that's why i added the other 5 reasons).

Fiddle Fig, Broadcast Coffee, Seattle
photograph by Jennifer Chong - spotted here

Also, we might not all have the same preference when it comes to plantlife.

Par Example:
My little nephew (4 at the time) once asked me quite reproachfully Why on earth i had a cactus in my living room. Why would i have a plant in my house that can puncture skin?
After going through the experience of being stung by that cactus himself, he couldn't imagine why in the world i would willingly have something that prickly (and ugly) in my living-environment.
I had a look at his finger (no blood, luckily) mumbled something about thinking it looked pretty and moved the unfortunate plant a little higher up.

Corner of cactuses by DesignLoveFest on Instagram
spotted on Decor8 blog

I guess what i'm trying to say is: you should like plants.
In the '6 reasons'-roundup i tried to convince you with a few pretty pictures, but for those of you who need more persuasion please check out the very stylish interior greenery in these photographs.

Bathroom, Private residence in Melbourne
photograph by Eve Wilson spotted on  the Design Files

Lovely, no?
We do indeed all need houseplants. If only because they look so pretty.

photograph by Sean Fennessy
spotted on Bungalow5

October 12, 2014

6 Reasons to get houseplants now

Photograph by Siren Lauvdal
The Artful Desperado for SFGirl by Bay

Houseplants are The-Thing-In-Style right now (as a little Pinterest search will show you). 

You don't have them in your living room yet? Don't worry, it's not too late to jump on the bandwagon.
And here are a few reasons why you should: 

1. Houseplants provide fresh oxygen

Photosynthesis. Remember from your first year of biology? 
A very (very) basic explanation: the plant uses sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to grow and releases oxygen while doing that.... Or to really get into it: read this Wikipedia article.

Oh, and one affect of less carbon dioxide in the air is that you feel less fatigued, which means you could safely state that house plants give you energy.

2. Houseplants filter the air

Not only do houseplants create fresh oxygen, some plants also filter the air from pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

I'm not making this up: NASA conducted a very extensive study to the air-filtering qualities of houseplants back in 1989. 
A full transcript of the original study can be found here. Or, for a quick overview of the outcome and a list of plants that are stars at battling indoor pollution, check out this Wikipedia article.

NASA recommends at least 1 plant per 100sq feet (ca 9m2) of home. Feel free to do the math yourself.
NASA is also growing plants in space: Zuchini sapling grown in the international space station in 2012
read about it here.

3. Houseplants make you smarter

At least that's what this article on Scientific American states. There's still a lot of research going on in this area, and most scientists agree that houseplants can help you stay fresh and focused during a hard day of staring at the screen, thus improving productivity.
Businessweeks 12 best deskplants round-up
click here for the original article

4. Houseplants make you happy and healthy

Living in a green environment can reduce stress, lower blood-pressure and can even help the healing process: according to cardiologist Dr. Bruno Cortis, patients who have a room with a garden view recover more quickly than patients who are staring out of a window to a brick wall. Not hard to imagine that.

Some people say the reason we feel better when we're surrounded with plants is because we do well when surrounded by nature. Something to do with humanbeings living in nature for millions of years, only to retreat into a world of concrete in the last century.
Again: makes sense.

An indoor garden
found here

5. Houseplants are natural humidifiers

As humans we feel best in a humidity-level ranging from 40%-60%. 
Most rooms and offices however, have a humidity level of 25% (especially in winter, when the heater's on) and it's not uncommon to have a humidifier in a room or office to help create the right humidity. Such a waste of space and electricity. 

Houseplants can significantly increase the over-all humidity-level of a room, bringing it right up to the ideal percentage. 
Healthy humidity-levels are not only great for your skin, it also prevents itchy eyes and an irritated throat.

Photograph by Ida Borg for Swedish Magazine Residence
click for full article

6. Houseplants are pretty

A pretty obvious reason, and enough for me to start building an indoor garden. Not convinced by the photographs so far? How about these lovely settings?:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

So go get yourselves some houseplants! Now! (or in the near future, don't feel pressured...)
Need a little help determining which houseplants are best for you? have a look at this infographic with 6 houseplants which are great for indoor air quality.

October 11, 2014

6 Houseplants that are great for indoor air quality

by House of Thol
Just a little easy overview we made a year ago.
Since we're now campaigning for greener homes, we thought this might be an easy reminder.

And of course: a Waterworks-set could help you keep these plants green.. ;-).

photograph by Masha Bakker
order your set here.

October 10, 2014

'Functional and Stylish' - Westwing Magazine visited last years' DDW

Westwing Magazine is a members-only online shopping-club that features everything for a chique and stylish interior.
A large team of stylists, writers and designers share a joint passion for interior design and a curiosity that drives them to discovering the newest items out there.

During the Dutch Design Week in 2013 they first discovered Waterworks and wrote this nice article about it.
Hopefully they'll be visiting us again this year to see the finished and available product.

October 6, 2014

We want more green

This Dutch Design Week we'll be campaigning again: We want more Green!

You probably know this (since i've been spamming about it):
Houseplants are not only wonderful to look at (and very en-vogue at the moment), the greenery also works wonders for indoor atmosphere and air-quality. (there'll be a full post about this soon)

So during this Dutch Design Week we'll be campaiging for greener living rooms! We want more Green!
Joining us in this campaign is Eindhovens' largest centre for indoor plants: De Klerk. Check out their website here.

Come meet us at the Design Perron and hear all about why you should have more houseplants in your living room.

House of Thol @ DDW'14 | 18-26 october
Design Perron | Fuutlaan 12
Open all days 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 21:00

October 2, 2014

The kitchen with the hanging rack

photograph by Thomas Linssen / House of Thol

A while ago Hilde and Marjolein from Ontwerpplek (click here to visit their website) approached Thomas to design and build the kitchenspace of a private home in Utrecht. Ontwerpplek did a lovely job with the over-all interior and garden of the small home and since they knew of Thomas' expertise when it comes to bespoke kitchen design they decided to get House of Thol involved in the project.

photograph by Thomas Linssen / House of Thol
The kitchen isn't very spacious and there was no room for top-cabinets. We designed a custom pot rack that fits the narrow space perfectly and provides extra storage possibilities while leaving room for the industrial-style exhaust.

photograph by Thomas Linssen / House of Thol

photograph by Thomas Linssen / House of Thol
The kitchen-island incorporates a Boretti stove and ample storage space in the drawers. The cabinets situated at the back wall give room to the refrigerator and ice box as well as a dishwasher and sink.
All cabinet doors are made of laser-cut and folded aluminum with a powdercoated light-grey finish. The countertops are cast concrete by 8R Betondesign.

photograph by Thomas Linssen / House of Thol

At the residents' request resident we designed matching wallplanks made of oakwood and folded metal with the same powdercoated grey finish as the cabinet-doors.

photograph by Thomas Linssen / House of Thol
A view from the garden into the kitchen. Love those windows!
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